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CSS Bookshop is 155 years old, the first the and the oldest bookshop in Nigeria. CSS Bookshop holds a rich legacy as one of Nigeria's oldest and most esteemed institutions in the realm of books and literature. Established in 1869 by the Church Missionary Society (CMS) in Lagos Colony, now part of Nigeria, the Bookshop initially served as a hub for distributing a diverse range of reading materials, including educational books, pamphlets from public lectures, stationery items, and church-related materials such as hymnals.
The original structure, erected on Broad Street, stood as a testament to the importance of literacy and knowledge dissemination within the community. Over the years, CSS Bookshop underwent several transformations and expansions to meet the growing demands of its patrons.
Throughout its illustrious history, CSS Bookshop has remained dedicated to its core mission of providing a wide array of books and literature to enrich the lives of its customers. Specializing in Christian literature, educational materials, motivational works, and general books, CSS Bookshop caters to the diverse interests and needs of its clientele.
Today, CSS Bookshop continues to uphold its legacy of excellence, serving as a trusted source of knowledge, inspiration, and enlightenment for generations of Nigerians. With a steadfast commitment to quality and innovation, CSS Bookshop remains at the forefront of book supply in Nigeria, embodying the timeless values of education, enlightenment, and empowerment.

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